Official animated music video for Hazmat Modine’s third studio album “Extra-Deluxe-Supreme”.
Music by Wade Schuman, Erik Della Penna & Steve Elson, Lyrics Wade Schuman & Erik Della Penna.
Video by Mattias GordonHellofilms.

The song is about my father, Nick Della Penna who lives in upstate New York on a meadow of grass and apple trees. He is a man possessed by angels and demons (like most of us). About twenty-five years ago, on his meadow, he began to construct a labyrinth of stonewalls and sculpture. Some of the structures are fifty feet tall. Some are covered with mosaics depicting the folly of humanity. Niches in the walls contain small demonic terra-cotta sculptures. He works like a spider spinning a web, as if programmed by his DNA. He does not rest and continues to this day. A few years ago Wade suggested we write a song about my father, and so we did. Wade enlisted Mattias Gordon to put together a video of his animation to represent the song, that depicts the maze of stone that my father is building.” – Erik Della Penna

It was inspiring to find people dedicated and willing to collaborate, first with Erik and Steve on the music, and then Mattias on the video…I also liked working with someone far overseas in Sweden, who could still express the strange essence of a vision of gothic upstate New York. This song is about the creative urge in all its folly and glory, Mattias did a fantastic job creating analogous visual world for the music and the idea of the triumphs and disasters of making things …” – Wade Schuman

The video is created by Swedish animator Mattias Gordon in a photo-collage style. He also made the video Mocking Bird for Hazmat Modine in 2012, which was his first work in that style. He has made videos for artists Fanfare Ciocarlia, LAU, KilaKathryn Williams and others.

” To make this video has been a great adventure and challenge. When making a music video you listen to the song so many times and you keep finding new layers of content all the time. It’s a very nice feeling searching for the right moods and characters, and suddenly you find it – it takes on a life of its own. I could not have made it without all the good input and ideas from Wade and Erik”. – Mattias Gordon

The CD “Extra-Deluxe-Supreme” is distributed in Europe by JARO Medien GmbH and in The U.S. by Barbés Records.