We are still affected by Corona, as we have been for the past 12 months, and the prospects are still not given to us. We have already had to cancel some tours twice and whether the planned summer concerts will take place is more in question than ever, especially for the internationally travelling artists, as we would need uniform European rules here.
But we continue and hope to celebrate 40 years of JARO in October. This month we have the following ditigal releases. New pieces by Erik Della Penna “Change the weather”, by the young Hamburg pianist SKADI ” Spring is here” and by Johannes Cernota ” Ludwigs Song”. Plus a CD release by
For around 30 years the musicians around Vladimir Ivanoff from Munich have been releasing CDs on JARO and always of outstanding quality. Here now:
Farewell and hope of reunion, home and foreign, journeys to the horizons and human warmth. Expressing these hopes in songs from home – with the feeling of being at home – the listeners experience bewitchingly sweet bridges. Closeness and longing … Far from veils of folklore, the ensemble enters into an intimate connection with the omnipresent theme of love. Sarband revels in poetry. “What the World Needs Now” becomes a passionate appeal for love among people. What the world needs now is love, not just for some, but for all. A peaceful fusion of cultures with ravishing music instead of fighting noise. Music as a sound and beat generator would also be the better alternative for the current political development between Orient and Occident. Robert Dotzauer, 31.8.16