10 years ago I had a church organ concert at the Bergkerk in Deventer.
The Sexton was not there. Nobody could reach him at the moment.
He was needed to tell me about the switch for turning on the Organ.
We could not find the switch. All took us 20 minutes…….
And those minutes gave me time to get caught by an exhibition from the painter Dorien Plaat. Because of waiting for the key , I had time to walk through the Church and bumbed into a spectacular exhibition from the painter Dorien Plaat. Mostly human beings and portraits.
But all in a way, that you got the impression only seeing their characters
instead of the person himself as usual. All based on “what you see is what you get”. And these painting tell you what you get !!
Rarely by paintings you get such a sharp picture about the person’s character.
And to give this character a form , where you know what you get , is an high standing “Way of Art” I never saw before.
To compose with her paintings was a wonderful assignment for me.