Terra Incognita Tuva 
A journey among nomads, shamans and musicians

After our 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns , proving that people like you love to get immersed in our Photobooks, we decided to take you on a mental trip into the home of throat-singing: Terra Incognita TUVA.

The perfect gift for Huun-Huur-Tu fans, travelers that go beyond sunny beaches or people seeking their spiritual self. 

As Huun-Huur-Tu is one of the most prominent ensemble we are lucky to work with, it’s also one with their culture least heard of and understood. 

Ulrich Balss, the heart and Flame behind Jaro, was invited to live, eat and breathe with the Family of Radik from Huun-Huur-Tu. 

Carefully documented, “Terra Incognita TUVA” takes you on a mental journey rarely heard of. 

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