Mountain Tale


The CD marks the second collaboration of Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu and Mikhail Alperin. The latter’s arrangements leads listeners on a journey of discovery through similarities and differences of Russian, Bulgarian and Tuvan folklore, culminating in the fusion presented on this CD.

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The crossing of musical borders – both traditional and contemporary – is an essential aspect of this unique 28-musician experiment. Mikhail Alperin leads listeners on a journey of discovery through the similarities and differences of Russian, Bulgarian and Tuvan folklore, culminating in the fusion presented on this CD Mountain Tale.

After the first CD – FLY, FLY MY SADNESS – with The Bulgarian Voices Angelite, Huun-Huur-Tu and Sergey Starostin (released in 1996), the complete Moscow Art Trio directed by Mikhail Alperin joined the project. The main plot of this unique project with 28 artists is to cross the borders of traditional and contemparary music.

Misha Alperin on this project:

“There is something mystical about the number ‘3’. That is probably why there are so many trios in the world of music. When I first produced the Moscow Art Trio in 1990 I was thinking about 3 different roles in the ensemble as in theatre. Each member has his own world of expression but in the end everything comes together like a musical organism with spirit, body and mind. To make it even stronger I chose a concept with 3 musicians of 3 different backgrounds: classical, folk and jazz.

Almost the same idea of the magical number “3” applies with the Tuvan-Bulgarian-Russian project. Each culture has its own rich musical tradition: strong emotions and the spiritual beauty of the songs made me dream of combining them without any modernizations. Later in the development of the project I allowed myself to make more risky experiments by adding contemporary elements. I wrote some compositions, where you will not find traditional folk elements – they are written in the style of folk music of my subjective opinion – new Skomorohi.

Together with Sergey Starostin I wrote some scat – words without meaning – for this music, not in the jazz but in folk style. Then this became a Norwegian-Russian folk rap, an extra tune which we perform with a folk text and Nordic intonations sung by Bulgarians and Russians together. (Norwegian folk music was an additional strong inspiration for me when I wrote arrangements of compositions by the Norwegian Tetlef Kviftes.)

You will never find a border between day and night but we know the difference between both. In my experience this is the same with folk music: There are no borders between the different traditions and cultures but they exist in themselves and have their individual tones and colours.”

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It is the strangeness that puts you in the ban, it is the strangeness of the voices, the sounds, the message. You don´t know the meaning of the words, but you listened and will be fascinated.” Die Zeit (Germany)

The soaring, strident heights of Bulgarian song and the creaking depths of the Tuvan throat couldn’t be more different – but when they joined, it was amazing – redemptive, divine.” Music Express

“Alperin deserves gratitude for putting these riches together so well.” Los Angeles Times

Internet Reviews

Breathtaking, fantastic, and almost as good as live.
I saw the Angelite choir, Huun-Huur Tu, and the Moscow Art Trio (with special guest Urna from Mongolia) perform in a small abbey in Luxembourg. I went because I love Huun-Huur Tu, but I remembered the “Mystere des voix bulgares” record from when I was younger. The concert was utterly mesmerizing, intoxicating, invigorating, etc, etc. This CD gets close to that experience.

This is the most intensely beautiful music I have EVER heard!
“Fly, Fly My Sadness” is the perfect name for this CD, even if you aren’t sad when you decide to listen to it.

I am a music junky, in both the aesthetic and spiritual sense. While I was expecting this CD to be a nice addition to my collection, I was in no way prepared for the intensity of the EMOTIONS it brought forth in me . . . in spite of myself.

This music reaches deep down inside, gripping that part of ourselves we tend to stuff away ninety-nine percent of the time and pulling it quickly to the surface . . . out into the fresh air and sunlight . . . and it pours a refreshing drink of pure water down our parched throats before standing us back down on our own feet.

I quite literally sat here weeping while listening for the first time (and that’s never happened to me before!). The entire CD is put together in such a way that, if one listens to it from beginning to end, one is gently lifted, then suddenly soaring high in the clouds, and gradually brought safely back to the ground again, feeling renewed and reaffirmed.

If you feel as though your spirit is broken and nearly dead, listen to this CD. 
If you think you have no imagination, no more sense of wonder and awe at the world around you, listen to this CD.
If you want to feel closer to God/Nature, closer to your fellow human beings – or simply more closely in tune to yourself – listen to this CD. You will find yourself plugged back in.
If you are in any way, ever, moved by beautiful music, do NOT overlook this unbelievable music!

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Tzetza Bekova, Ekaterina Bogdanova, Kera Bogdanova, Tatiana Douparinova, Tonia Iankova, Nadejda Illieva, Kostadinka Inkova, Sonia Iovkova, Nadejda Karporova, Krastina Krasteva, StaimenkaOutchikova-Nedialkova, Youlia Peneva, Nekla Petkova, Kostadinka Ratzova, Elka Simeonova, Tania Tzambova, Petia Tzvetanova, Tania Velitchkova, Nadia Vladimirova

Conductor: Valentin Velkov


Kaigal-ool Khovalyg (Vocals, igil, toschpulur, tschansy)

Anatoly Kuular (Vocals, byzaanchi, khomuz, amarga)

Sayan Bapa (Vocals, doshpuluur, marinhuur, guitar)

Alexey Saryglar (Vocals, tungur, dazhaaning khavy)


Mikhail Alperin (grand-piano, melodica voice, cowbells)

Arkady Shilkolper (french horn, flugelhorn, vocals)

Sergey Starostin (vocals, clarinet, folk reeds )

Musical Director: Mikhail Alperin



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