Warsaw Village Band
“It seduced us. The water of the river, wells, rain, dew, fog, and tears. We are all equal to the water”
The Polish roots pioneers are back! “Waterduction” is coming out on 30th November 2020 through Karrot Kommando.
The band rediscovers Mazovia. This time they got carried away by the river current, which has led them to explore new regions. They are inspired not only by the Vistula itself but also by Urzecze, an ethnographic microregion near warsaw, spread between both banks of the river.
“The river with its tributaries is like part of the bloodstream, a respite of the modern city. We wanted to capture it in music,” says Sylwia Świątkowska, band’s violinist and singer, “Vistula used to be an influential channel not only in terms of trade, but also communication. The rafts opened the opportunity for Mazovia to contact with the rest of Poland and the world. That brought a breath of freedom, modernity and independence, creating a vibrant cultural mosaic”. says the band’s vocalist and violinist Sylwia Świątkowska.
In the title song ”Waterduction” the band joins forces with poet and musician from Cracow- Marcin Świetlicki. He rafted down the Vistula to support the band with his vocals and poetry.
The impulse to record came from a proposition to create a soundtrack for Adam Rogala’s movie, called “Lost Urzecze”. The documentary explains the history of the mentioned earlier ethnographical microregion. The Deluxe version of the record also includes this movie.
‘Whirls and streams the band have fallen into are represented by sounds of acoustic instruments characteristic of the band: dulcimer, violin, fiddle, baraban, female voices. All tamed by our thoughtful producer Mariusz Dziurawiec from Studio As One’ concludes dulcimer player and vocalist Magda Sobczak.
The online concert where the band will perform the new album will take place on the 6th of December. It will be transmitted directly from the Wawer Cultural Centre through the band’s social media.
Fryderyk music award in our hands!

“Waterduction” for a long time has been living a life of its own. It flows, swirls with currents and reaches new continents. Now, however, we have been recognized in our domestic industry. Our album received Fryderyk Award in the World Music category. It is a great joy, as it is the most important award in Poland.

But the success of the album is based not only on the music itself. It’s also the people around, on whom we could rely and without whom it would not be possible to record this album.

We would like to thank Piotr Maślanka and the team of Karrot Komando, Mariusz Dziurawc and Jarek Smak from Studio As One, Marcin Świetlicki, Piotr Malec, Czarla Bajka, Radek Polak, Łukasz Maurycy Stanaszek. We recorded this album thanks to the support of the Marshal Office of Mazovia Province, Mazovian Tradition Trail, Wawer Cultural Center and Wawer District, BFJ, STOART – The Union of Performing Artists, Góra Kalwaria Cultural Center.

We are glad that you like our story. Let it flow…

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