Black Sea Fire


Black Sea Fire is a spectacular project which presents music of the peoples of the Black Sea, and is put together with musicians from the countries that share its coasts. The music of “Black Sea Fire“ reflects the fiery temperament, the emotional depth, and the unique, salty, humor of the Black Sea peoples. The love and pride for their land, for their sea, and for their history is felt in every phrase of the music – each according to their own national character, but also as part of a greater, Black Sea, culture.

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We are very happy to announce the decision of the international jury concerning one of the three winners of the second national competition “creole – World Music from Germany” 08/09. We hereby extend our heartfelt congratulations to our creole prize winner THE SHIN!

Black Sea Fire – The Dance of a Mysterious Culture

Musical connoisseurs’ alert: Many world music projects have stopped at the dialogue. In its new album “Black Sea Fire”, “The Shin” now presents the new generation of world music: a multicultural synthesis à la the Black Sea. The gods of antiquity were loathe to give mortals fire because they were afraid man would not understand its true purpose. Prometheus stole the fire and gave it to mankind. When he was brought to the Caucasus to be punished by Zeus, a spark of that fire flew into the Black Sea. This spark ignited the Black Sea Fire.

Over the centuries, a number of nations grew up around the Black Sea, different cultures developed, and the warm  fire which once gave us life gradually turned into the fire of war and destruction. Yet we are still the people of the Black Sea. The sea separates us from one another, and that is why we have become so different in the course of time, but it is also the element, which connects us, and makes us so similar. And in its depths there still lies the unique, all-but-forgotten culture of the Black Sea, which flares up again and again in the various cultures on the shores of the sea.

“Black Sea Fire” celebrates the renaissance of this peaceful fire – which can turn to a bonfire on the beach, to a blazing flame, to a glistening sparkle or to glorious fireworks over the sea – with the dance of a nearly extinct culture. Though the basic  compositions on the album come from different Black Sea countries, every composition also shows that the culture of its respective country — which we often perceive as consummate within itself and distinct from all others — is part of a much greater culture, the culture of the Black Sea.

According to an ancient Georgian proverb, the native sun is within you and around you. In the final project, “EgAri”, this proverb led us to Georgia, to our own roots. But a home is not only a place of residence and one’s own family, but our neighbours and friends as well. Along with our friends, a large number of well-known artists of the Black Sea region, we hereby introduce to you a culture reminiscent of Atlantis itself. With “Black Sea Fire” we envision the myth of the Black Sea with its fire, its temperament, its profundity, its emotion and unique salty sense of humour.

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Concept, composition, editing: ZaZa Miminoshvili, Zurab J. Gagnidze.

Musicians (CD): ZaZa Miminoshvili – guitar, panduri (Georgia), Zurab J. Gagnidze -bas, vocals (Georgia), Mamuka Gaganidze – vocals, percussion (Georgia), Theodosii Spasov – kaval (Bulgaria), Nariman Umerov – accordion (Ukraine), Davit Shanidze – vocals (Georgia), Fuat Saka – baglama, vocals (Turkey), Anatolie Stefanet – viola (Moldova), Iurie Focsa – accordion (Moldova), Vadim Barancea – tambal (Moldova), Alexander Khizanishvili – kaval (Georgia), Goderdzi Hvtisiashvili – panduri, duduki, (Georgia), Mikheil Totiauri – duduki, (Georgia), Merab Sanodze – percussion (Georgia), Metin Meto – percussion, vocal (Turkey), Shankar Lal Chaterjee – voices (India), Jatinder Thakur – tabla (India), Friedrich Glorian – udu, voice (Germany), Hilmi Yarayici – vocal (Turkey)



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