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The Dutch Jazz musician Jasper van‘t Hof can play anything with keys. In the course of his career, he‘s tried everything; humble upright to 9-foot concert grand, Hammond B3, as well as a multitude of electronic keyboards. With his Ethno-Jazz unit PILI-PILI, he was surrounded by literal walls of keyboard instruments!

For a long time, he seldom trusted himself to approach the mighty church organ, to which he says: »I’m no church organist, though I‘m very excited about the instrument. The various manuals, plus the footpedals, with which you can play bass, and actually – interesting for a jazzer – replace the bassist as well as the drummer. But as I said; I‘m no church organist. I can‘t play any Bach fugues with my feet! But the organ has amazing dynamics. Everything you experience emotionally, the organ can translate for you, just as a piano can do, but with much more power of sound. That‘s the funny thing; the tones of the organ consist of air, the very basis of life. Here is a tube with a hole in it, through which air passes, and then you have a tone, which is the beginning of everything.« For Jasper van‘t Hof, the church organ is the »master of all«, whether it‘s the sound of a piccolo, a bass trombone, oboes, trumpets. A myriad of timbres, textures and tones emerges, and it‘s not for nothing that the church organ has been dubbed »Queen of Instruments«. Now Jasper van‘t Hof and his long-time fellow traveller Tony Lakatos have teamed up with organ and saxophone to pro- duce an album entitled Go with the Wind. It‘s not the first time that this musician, who‘s so influenced European jazz, presented himself playing an organ. Already in 1998 van‘t Hof recorded his first CD on the church organ in the Italian town of Bonefro-Molise. He remembers: »By coincidence I discovered this little church organ in Abruzzo, and was totally smitten by it.« Since that time, one could experience impressive concerts by Jasper van‘t Hof on church organ.

It seemed high time to make a recording of his organ playing, and he chose to do it in duet form, with Tony Lakatos playing soprano and alto sax.
The organ here is in the 800-year old church of Osterwick, and was built in the 19th century, with 3 manuals as well as footpedals. All the compositions are van‘t Hof originals in which the two master musicians take turns extemporizing and improvising. Both feel good that the organ doesn‘t sound at all »churchy«. Rather, the oft-complex structures are solidly jazz-based, with the ethereal and sometimes elegiac saxophone musings of Lakatos, the legendary Hungarian Roma virtuoso.

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Eine Gigant an der Kirchenorgel” – Rheinische Post

Ein kontrollierter Rausch” – Neue Westfälische

Wunderbare Klangideen. Ein großer Abend.” – General Anzeiger Bonn

So registriert er mitten im ausgehaltenen Ton um, läßt an- und abschwellen, setzt häufig mit süffigen Jazzgrooves Ankerpunkte, durch die die überborden – den Klangphantasien gehalten werden. Ein zutiefst spannender Abend.” – Weserkurier Bremen

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