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Fabian Boreck

is at home on the ‚modern‘ cello as well as on the baroque cello. By playing parallel since his early youth, he understands the advantages and the tonal characteristics of both instruments at the first attempt to implement and use. His repertoire ranges from the first compositions for bass instrument resp. violoncello of the 16th/17th century to classical and romantic music as well as improvisation.

Due to additional activities in sheet music editing and sound recording he covers an extensive musical field.

Fabian Boreck was born in Berlin and studied at the Academy of Music “Hanns Eisler“ Berlin as well as at the University of the Arts Berlin the baroque cello with a Master’s Degree.

In addition to his work on the cello, the intensive activity with sheet music editing and its scientific side is another long-standing passion. Due to his interest in audiophile music listening, film music and sound engineering Fabian Boreck is also asked by composers for remote recording tasks. He has worked with artists from Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia.

Fabian Boreck is the associate Principal Cellist of the Oldenburg State Orchestra (Germany), as well as a soloist and chamber musician. He plays a violoncello by Jean-Baptiste Salomon, Paris 1764, and a baroque cello by Konrad Stoll.

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